Worstead Weavers Weekend Success!

Our ‘Worstead Weavers Weekend’ was a great success with a fantastic number of visitors and a whole bunch of lovely new members signed up. We were featured in the Eastern Daily Press newspaper and you can see our write up online here.


The Worstead Weavers Weekend was all about just ‘having a go’ and making new friends.  We succeeded in both of these having received more visitors than we expected, which was wonderful and we now have several new members.

Visitors were able to try out a wide range of weaving looms and spinning wheels for free and Guild members volunteered to be on hand to give advice and demonstrations.

We had visitors of all ages willing to have a go.  Our youngest visitor (4 yrs old) was able to treadle a spinning wheel all by herself and plied some yarn with help from her auntie and our member Sharon.


Here she is with her ball of yarn and a prize for matching the fibres to the animals and plants- clever girl 🙂


These two industrious visitors were determined to weave, and weave they did! They made incredible progress and are shown here with their first pieces.

girls trying out weaving with Ellie J

It was great fun to meet so many enthusiastic people and to be able to share our knowledge.  A big thank you to all our visitors for your interest and another big thank you to all our member volunteers who made it such a success.

One thought on “Worstead Weavers Weekend Success!

  1. I feel very proud to be a member of such a famous Guild Branch – something tells me we are on the up !

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