Another busy night at the Workshop

Another busy night at the Workshop, and great to see so much interaction – members shared skills, mended wheels, signed up for talks, spun, admired one another’s projects and generally had a good (woolly) time.

Sheila’s first attempt at tablet weaving, following on from Elly’s demo last week.


Sue’s latest gorgeous blingy piece of weaving worked on one of our large floor looms.  


Elly modelled Alison’s crocheted poncho – handspun and hand dyed yarn
– not bad for a beginner !


Susan’s table runner woven on a rigid heddle loom
– only a beginner but take a look at those edges !


2 thoughts on “Another busy night at the Workshop

  1. thanks for posting the photo’s Maggie. It’s a long way from perfect weaving but I still can believe how much I’ve learned in the last year. time for a new project now. Thanks to all those who taught me how to warp up the loom and get weaving. I may take a short break from the floor looms now to practice the tablet weaving that Ellie taught me, or should I press on with the weaving on the table loom that Jenny has been teaching me, or should I take some time out to perfect my spinning now Margaret has taught me the basics of that, although…. I’m tempted to learn how to drop spindle….. Decisions, decisions, I’ve tried so many new things this year it’s hard to know which way to turn next 🙂

    • You’re a real enthusiast, and a talented crafter, and we are very lucky to have you as a member. Sadly, the decision-making doesn’t get any easier as you get older – there’s even more choice cos you’ve lived longer ! Now then . . . shall I spin a bit more fleece, crochet that cushion cover, or drill acorns with my Dremel . . . ???

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