Woolly Stuff

Points from the Committee Meeting on 30th Jan 2021.

1. Woolly Weekend 2021 has been postponed to 2022.

2. Zoom meetings will start again on Tuesday 9th Feb at 1900. For details contact the Secretary or check out our fb page.

3. The date for the AGM will be decided at the end of March.

4. There are plenty of fleeces available for spinning / felting etc. Lynn is happy to drop some off if you need them. Please contact Debbie if you would like them. (07714178678). Donation to Big C.

5. Maggie (Chair) and Sharon (Sec) are standing down from their posts but are willing to stay on as Trustees. There is another vacancy for a Trustees and anyone willing to take on the role of the Chair and Secretary role.

6. Thank you to Jenny for the kind donation of a food microwave for the kitchen.

Any queries please send them to worsteadweavers@gmail.com or phone 07555 600218

To all our Woolly friends

Keep weaving, spinning and dyeing from all those at the Worstead Guild.


Stay safe…. the Workshop is missing you all…

We are trying to organise a programme for later in the year please let us know of anything you would like to see in the programme calender. Thanks. Pat Baker.

Diary Date:-  5th Woolly Weekend (to be confirmed)

 Postponed to 2022


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