March, 2019

March Madness at the Workshop, with much spinning, weaving dyeing and other woolly crafts taking place.

We are very grateful for Jenny for not only spending much time this month, warping up the looms, giving two talks on her life as a weaver, and inspiring us all to start (or re-start) weaving, but also for very generously donating her lovely Glimakra Countermarch 8 shaft floor loom to the guild.

Thank you Jenny very very much.



A very busy workshop, but still time for tea and a chat


Weaving, Spinning and Dyeing

Pat has made some beautiful lace

Shelia has produced some amazing needle-felting.

Val showed how to spin on a traditional spindle using a distaff, medieval style.

Debbie and her new wheel produced some lovely yellow, blue and grey yarn …ready for the “coast to coast”  Worstead Festival Challenge?


We held button making and basket making workshops:-

Michelle led the granny basket workshop

Rosemary led the button making workshop, where name badges for guild were given a makeover.


23rd February

Lots happening today at the workshop, Elly finished weaving her hat, Geri had a shawl made by Jane, and Nicky’s Sanka glove just needed the ends sewing in


February 5th, 2019

Oooooh, rabbits !

Our Alison has been and bought a pair of angora rabbits and, in true rabbit fashion, they’re already expectant parents.  Here she is, spinning the soft, grey, light-as-thistledown fluff.  Meet parents and offspring at our Woolly Weekend in June. Seeing the resulting yarn is enough to make you wonder whether you can fit a rabbit cage in the shed.


Inkle loom weaving was popular this afternoon – Sally making an exquisite turquoise band, and Steve weaving a strap for his guitar.

Pat’s  tapestry. Hmmm… think she may have our Worstead Festival competition in mind.


And Sheila has been creating all manner of cute critters.


January 26th, 2019

Looms, Wheels and Laughter

Another great afternoon at The Workshop.  It was good to see so many different skills being practised – Sharon knitting with hand spun, hand-dyed yarn; Maureen lacemaking; Debby, Margaret and Cathy spinning for England; Geri creating a warp on a mill; Linda spinning (she got her first taste only 3 days ago and is “off”; Jenny helping Pat learn how to warp a floor loom; Ann Marie using her expertise to help and encourage several of us in turn; Sandra and Tim putting a warp on the rug loom.  (Some of us had to do boring stuff – admin and diy – but it’s all part of being a member of our thriving Guild.)

handspun hatimg_0140













As always, there is time for a reviving cup of tea!


January 8th, 2019

Our first meeting of 2019 showed that members had been busy over Christmas – Ann-Marie was wearing her snuggly, colourful cowl (no – she didn’t have a pattern, simply cast on and set off!); lacemaker Cathy is already thinking ahead to Easter; Sheila is going for The Biggest Pincushion on the Planet award; and Pat was wearing her pretty thrummed hat (well, The Workshop is a tad chilly in the winter)


lace eggs



The Not So Humble Granny Square

Eighteen members and friends enjoyed an inspirational afternoon as the humble Granny Square was transformed into a thing of up-to-date beauty, courtesy of talented lady, Sue Mitchell.  Sue generously shared with us her technique for crocheting light-as-air, vibrant throws and wraps using soft, snuggly yarn to create cobwebs of warmth and colour.  Oh . . . and there was delicious homemade cake too, of course.

Patson Footprints

Members were delighted to be involved in the Paston Footprints Project once again.  This time we were spinning and weaving in St Peter’s, Hungate, Norwich – the Paston family’s local church.  A visit to the nearby coffee shop provided us with fuel for an enjoyable day.


Worstead Festival 2018

Guild Members enjoyed a great weekend at Worstead Festival :  woolly friends, interested public, lashings of tea and scrumptious cake (courtesy of the lovely Church folk).  Photo 2 shows the beginnings of a Guild/Church/Community project (more of that later).  Now a rest before Mannington, and St Peter’s in Norwich, and Aylsham Show, and then Greenbuil