The “Beast from the East” held no fear for Members – it gave us all an opportunity to “get woolly”.  These pics from Tuesday afternoon are just a few of the finished projects :

Handwoven cloth, needle felted, with Yorkshire buttons.

Crocheted slippers.

One of our re-enactors, using a distaff.

A sampler of different textured patterns.

Hand-dyed fleece used to create a scarf.

Experiments with stylish patterns.

Hand-woven hemp, and experiment with Medieval pattern.

Throw, all ready for baby.

Shetland fleece, drum carded and acid dyed

Handwoven cloth made into a “bog jacket”

Simply Weaving

Terry :  “you’ll do it all in one day”
Students :  “oh no we won’t”


The aim was to make a warp, read a pattern, transfer the warp to the table loom, weave a variety of patterns, and eliminate the fear of multi-shaft looms.  We began at 10.  A motley bunch : some complete beginners, some rigid heddlers, some wanting a refresher.  Fuelled by tea, coffee, biscuits and chocolate (many thanks Tracey) by 3 o’clock the tabby, twill and basket patterns had appeared.

Thanks to a brilliant tutor.  Thanks to good company.  Looking forward to our next step – without fear !

Christmas craft day.

We folded, stabbed, wrapped, stitched and glued in festive fashion at yesterday’s Christmassy Crafts Session.  All that activity burned up so very much energy that we had to keep ourselves going with mince pies, gingerbread, cookies . . . I’m sure you get the picture !  A big thank you to all who helped make it happen.

Wonderful, inspiring embroidery


The Worstead Guild is very fortunate to have as a friend the traditional embroiderer Alison Larkin. Whilst we go starry-eyed about “woolly things”, Alison’s passion is fine silks, teeny-weeny perfect stitches, and accurate replicas of historical costumes.  Members were treated to a talk about her needlework, and the opportunity to see her work up close.  Exquisite !  A great afternoon.