Fun with ply split braiding

We all had a great time at the ply split braiding workshop yesterday! Anne Dixon lead the class, she was a great teacher. Anne showed us some of her fabulous work. It is amazing all the things you can do with ply split braiding!




It was a great turnout! Although we did not chance to produce pieces as detailed as Anne’s in two hours, we had a great time. We came away with an understanding of a few different patterns and some great ideas inspired by Anne’s work. Thanks to Sally and Stan for helping with the preparation.





Today’s needle felting workshop

Thank you to Anne Marie And Joan for leading a fantastic needle felting workshop today! There was a good turnout and everyone had lots of creative ideas. Here is the group focused on felting.

These are the items that the group created, along with some of the items that Anne Marie and Joan brought to show us. A lovely mix of colours.


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