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Covid 19 Virus Update on Meetings


The Guild is a Charity and therefore we have to abide by Charity Commission rules. Bearing in mind these rules and current Government Guidance the Trustees have suggested the following plan:

1. All meetings will be held outdoors ( therefore dependent on good weather).

2. We will have one group of a maximum of 6 members at any one time ( five members and one Trustee).

3. The Workshop and its facilities will be closed except for

a) members to go the toilet and

b) one weaver.

4. Meetings will be offered from 2pm to 4pm on Tuesday, Wednesday,  Thursday, Friday  and Saturday of each week.

We ask Members to be “self sufficient ” ie bring their own chair, refreshments , hand gel and bacterial wipes to disinfect door handles, taps and lavatory after use.

If you would like to join other members in an outdoor spin, weave knit, crochet, felt etc then please email sharon or phone Debbie on the Guild phone to book your place. All we need is your name and first and second meeting choices. For example Freda Bloggs 1, wed, fri 2.

We will then put together a rotar and get back in touch with you.

Please let us have your replies by Friday 19th June so we can start on Tuesday 23rd June.

Best wishes Maggie on behalf of the Trustees.


email:  worsteadweavers @gmail.com

Phone 07555600218

Diary Date:-  5th Woolly Weekend

 Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th June,2021


For further details on the postponement of this year’s woolly weekend please drop us an email to worsteadweavers@gmail.com.

Once we are all happy with the unlocking of lockdown we will let you know when we will be meeting again.



Colourful Genes !


Margaret is wearing a shawl, hand knitted from hand dyed yarn.  She dyed the yarn using the cling film and microwave method – stunning !

I took a pic of her first-ever attempt at crochet (she’s psyching up for the Woolly Worstead bunting competition) using daughter Sue’s first four shaft weaving as a background.


It was then I realised they both share a love of colour and vibrancy.  (As I share my mother’s love of chocolate – it’s genetic, better stop fighting it !)

This evenings show and tell

We had another lovely meeting this evening. There was lots to show and tell. Look at this lovely hand knitted cowl made from hand spun yarn by Margeret Brooker.


What a fabulous mix of colour.

One of our new members, Jill Willis presented her first skein of hand spun yarn. It is absolutely lovely, a fantastic first effort! Look how even it is.

Another new person Wendy Murfitt also produced some fabulous single ply yarn on the drop spindle, however we did not have chance to take a photo. I am looking forward to seeing what the group have to show us next week!

Warm welcome for newbies at the Worstead Guild

Several of our visitors from the Worstead Weavers Weekend event came back for more on Tuesday to see what we get up to in our meetings (Tuesdays 7-9 pm, every other Saturday 2-4 pm).   What a fantastic turn out!  Our members got stuck in helping our visitors try out some hand-spinning.  It was wonderful to see so many new members joining us, enthusiastic about fibre and learning about our heritage crafts.  I think we all made a few new friends!

A big welcome to our newbies!

IMAG1530 IMAG1532 (1) IMAG1533 IMAG1534

Winter warming fun at the last guild meet of the year 2014

Guild members met up for the last guild meeting of the year on Tuesday night.  We had some show-and-tell (see below), a little mulled wine to warm our cockles (courtesy of Anne-Marie), prepared ourselves for the Christmas fair on Saturday, and as always, plenty of laughs.

Handwoven woollen rug by Anne-Marie

Handwoven woollen rug by Anne-Marie Bradley


We all got down to admire Anne-Marie’s extra thick woven rug (above) made for her hubby to squish his toes into on cold winter mornings.  We loved the soft, naturally coloured wool inter-spaced on one side with flashes of bright colour and the natural shades of grey on the reverse.  Two rugs in one!  Anne-Marie used flax as the warp.

Margaret has been prolific with her new rigid heddle loom.  She brought in yet more wonderful scarves to show us.  Guess what her family and friends are getting for Christmas??

Handwoven scarf by Margaret Brooker

Handwoven scarf by Margaret Brooker

Use of the same yarn for both warp and weft made for a lovely texture.

More handwoven scarves by Margaret Brooker (right)

More handwoven scarves by Margaret Brooker (right)

The rigid heddle is an ideal beginners (and experienced) loom.  Margaret has demonstrated that you can weave a wonderful variety of designs.

Rose has been experimenting with different wool types and combining them with ribbons and sparkley-add-ins to create one-off Christmas-themed yarns.

Christmas yarns by Rose Davidson

‘Christmas Tree’ yarn by Rose Davidson


‘Fresh Snow at Christmas’

These ‘novelty’ yarns can be used as weft yarn, couching and other embellishments or just treasured as they are! Polwarth wool is absolute luxury.  It is bright white, incredibly soft with high lustre and a pleasure to spin.


We look forward to seeing you at the Christmas fair this Saturday 6th December at our Weavers Workshop