New Members in a Spin

Woolly Worstead Weekend 2016 resulted in lots of lovely new Guild members.  They’ve watched, listened and practised, and can all “spin a yarn” but it was time to build on those basic skills.  And so, today, we put on an “improvers” workshop especially for them.  They flicked, combed and carded.  They spun long(ish) draw, and they also spun silk. They all went home exhausted but happy.  Thanks to Jenny for being such a generous tutor.





Weaving Magic !

From fine cloth, to sturdy rugs, to . . .  experiments with bicycle inner-tubes and zips ???  Tina is one of our less-traditional weavers.




There were oooohhs and aaaaaahs all round when we helped her take her latest piece off the loom this week. 

Headline News – Discovered in Dilham

Members of the Worstead Guild were delighted (and not a little surprised) when they managed to give birth to several new species of birds and animals yesterday.



The much-admired offspring were the result of several hours of stabbing, chatting and giggling, fuelled by chocolate cake.

A great day, and a valuable contribution to Norfolk’s list of Rare Breeds !

Historical Dyeing – 28 January 2107

Fellow Member Pat, resplendent in authentic costume, talked us through the under-garments, the footwear and the heavy, capacious dress of a middle class medieval woman.  She is the Paston Heritage Society’s colour specialist, and spends her days happily brewing up dyes using flowers, leaves and roots to produce gentle, subtle colours that blend effortlessly with one another.  A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon which left us all inspired.



Woolly Warmth on a Chilly Day

Using a short-row knitting technique and handspun yarn, Annemarie is well on the way to completing a set of unique table mats.  (Some of us thought they might double up as berets!)


Beryl’s lovely scarf shows her skill with a rigid heddle loom and pick-up sticks.


Susan’s experiments with Black Beans, Beetroot, handspun yarn and vinegar resulted in a pair of rustic fingerless mitts – and apparently the beetroot tasted good too !


Fabulous Felting

Our first meeting of 2017 was kicked off in style when Sheila revealed what she’d been making over the Christmas break.  She had dyed the fleece and then needle-felted several pieces on a fantasy theme.  This stunning duo was our favourite :


Maggie’s Musings

Our last meeting of 2016 :

great weaving (see pics of Sue’s baby set and zippy purse);



great first spinning/plying (see Linda’s lovely skein);


great company; great buns (thanks Bev).

Altogether a GREAT year.  Merry Christmas Dear Reader – here’s to a wonderful 2017.

                                                                                                      Maggie x

Weaving Magic at Christmas

Members enjoyed our first “Dabble Day” last Saturday:  Danish hearts; beaded Dorset buttons; sparkly trees and plaited wreaths.




 Much chatter and laughter, fuelled by scrummy cakes, mulled wine and home made sweets.

Five hours flew by as we sang along to Christmas pop songs and the woolly-decked Christmas tree lights twinkled.

 If only Maggie had remembered to bring the glitter . . .

KumiWotsit !

Just a few of Sheila’s splendid Kumihimo braids that she makes into bracelets, necklaces and the like.  


Their colour, pattern and texture made for a dazzling display on Tuesday evening.

Tuesday was the first of our Extended Opening Days when Members could access the Workshop at any time between 2 and 9, instead of 7 and 9.  We were delighted to see that THIRTY members visited – an encouraging beginning to our experiment.