2018 Woolly Weekend Photos



A new spinner.

“Although a talented all-round crafter, Cathy was new to spinning when she joined us a few months ago.  These pics show her “journey”, and are an inspiration to anyone who’s never touched a wheel, but thinks they might like to learn how to spin.

Basket making with Sue Andrews

Sue Andrews is a hobbyist who has been creating traditional baskets using rush and willow materials for over 12 years and likes to share her skills with others.  She provided the Guild with a wonderful introductory course to basket making that everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

We used buff and brown willow to make a ‘string’ basket. By the end of the day, we all had something to take home of which, we could be proud.  Sue is such a brilliant teacher that our second workshop with her is fully booked and we are hoping to have another in the new year, along with a follow up class over a weekend.